JHT Consulting                                           Resume


John Henry Thompson, the owner of JHT Consulting, has over 20 years of experience building software products and leading engineering teams for science, new media, and the web.


Some career highlights are:

Instrumental in defining, developing, and delivering over 18 award winning commercial software applications.


Over 9 years creating graduate level courses for new media and teaching at a major university.


Author of a best selling book for the multimedia-internet trade market. Published in 2 editions and four languages.


Partial List of Projects

2004 – Present: Various Clients.

Provided engineering management, web-based application development, mobile application development, product visioning, and training.

Recent clients:

EP Visual Design

Scribe Video Center

Drexel University

MIT Media Lab

1995 – 1999: Isadra Inc.

As a Founding board member, guided the launch of products for e-commerce and collaborative commerce. Provided guidance from startup to final merger with Verticalnet Inc., a publicly traded Internet software company.


1987 - 2004: Macromedia (now Adobe).

Played a significant role in the entire life cycle for over 18 products, including: Macromedia Director versions 1.0 to 8.5 & 10, MX 2004, Shockwave Player, Director Player for Java, Director Player for 3DO, Director Player for Windows 3.1, Shockwave Multi-user Server 2.0, MacroMind Accelerator 1.0 to 3.0, MediaMaker 1.0, and Action Macintosh 1.0.


1987: Island Graphics Inc.

Designed graphic system for medical imaging workstation.


1985 - 1987: The DroidWorks Lucas Film Ltd.

Project leader of the machine interface group of the of EditDroid project, a video-disc based non-linear editing system.


1984 - 1985: LCS/Telegraphics Inc.

Designed and implemented products for graphics and telecommunications.


1978 - 1979: Computer Corporation of America Inc.

Programmed graphical access to large visual database.


1978: MIT Laboratory of Computer Science.

Re-structured large AI system for prototype LISP Machine.


1976 - 1981: New York Psychiatric Institute.

Designed and implemented several packages for data management, analysis, and presentation for the research community.



Academic Appointments

2006: Drexel University.

Position: Part Time Instructor.

Taught Flash Game Programming Course.


1989 - 1997: New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor, part time.

Developed and taught three graduate courses:

"The Lingo Workshop", "Interactive Video",

and "Advanced Computational Media". Courses taught interactive design, evolving from work based on laser discs, cd-rom, to internet.

Supervised graduate theses.


1988 - 1989: New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Position: Assistant Professor of Communications, full time.

Developed and taught three graduate courses:

"Animation on Macintosh Computer",

"Introduction to Computational Media",

"Advanced Computational Media. Courses taught digital content creation and interactive design.

Supervised graduate theses.


1983 - 1984: MIT Visible Language Workshop

Position: Technical Instructor.

Supervised undergraduate students theses in computer assisted graphic design. Designed and programmed prototype full-color page layout system.



1995, 1996: "Macromedia Director Lingo Workshop".

The complete resource to the Macromedia Director Lingo scripting language. Published in two editions. Translated into Japanese, German, and Italian languages.



1977 - 1983: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge MA. Bachelor of Science.

Awarded Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. Minor in Visual Arts and Design.


1980 - 1981: Art Student League of New York, New York.

Studied drawing and painting with Mr. Ernest Chrichlow


1975 - 1977: Bronx High School of Science. New York.

Graduated with honors. New York State Regents Scholarship winner.





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